Three Major Problem Areas we are working hard to Solve

What we bring for you?

Taking Automation to the Next Intelligent Level:

Faults, Wear and Tear, Degradation, and Breakdown, are a part of every Machine, Product, and Operation

There is a Compelling need to Diagnose, Evaluate, and Prevent any Problems from Occurring to Save a huge amount of Time and Money

To achieve this, we not only need a Strong Software System Coupled with Next-Generation Meaningful Artificial Intelligence; but also need Smart and Relevant Physics based Sensing of the Process Environment for a Good Outcome!

We call it the Environment Tricorder Snap-In! It is a specially and meticulously designed electronic device that seamlessly and easily plugs in with your smartphone (and other systems including automobiles and drones) as an intelligent sensor array.

With our integrated add-on device and state of an art software system, the integration provides the relevant environmental data for the specialized Artificial Intelligence and the software system to obtain efficient results.

The addition of valuable physics-based sensor data of your external environment significantly enhances the capability of the system!

Our application can sense, map, and build a much more comprehensive and refined multi-variable picture of your external environment and thus seamlessly solve many more complex real-time worldly problems!

Unlimited Green Energy for our Power Stations in the Future

Exo-Field’s Invention and Product operating via a smartphone or cloud, not only quickly and accurately performs an artificial-intelligence-driven Digital Dull Grade, but also performs Expert Engineering analytics of the Drill tool, aiding the Manufacturer to Redesign and Improve the Tool performance and the Driller to take key Drilling Decisions ahead

We have further invented to augment the conventional drilling mechanism with an alternate physics, wave-based and very high voltage-based dynamic cutting technology to significantly improve the operation of the tool.

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“The progressive next step for the Oil and Gas Industry is to shift towards Geothermal Energy, and to tap the unlimited deep earth heat, as an abundant, everywhere, and always available energy solution.

This will depend on how well the industry can improvise its front-end drilling tool and allied system to work through the intense operating temperature at these deep earth depths. “

Taking Under Ground Drilling Technology to the next level:

In many Defense, Commercial and Outer Space Drilling Applications, it is impossible to use or carry the huge payloads that are required for a conventional drilling system to operate.

As an end objective Exo-Field is working towards building a “Self-propelled, Ground Penetrating, below the Ground Traversing Rover” for Interplanetary Space applications and for next-generation in-situ Warfare technology!

A Ground Penetrating Rover for Defense & Space Applications

Exo-Field has carried out extensive research and simulating, modelling, and working on a novel alternate physics-based deep earth drilling invention and system that can revolutionize not only deep earth drilling but also open doors to apply drilling for many other applications.

We are also augmenting the conventional drilling mechanism with an alternate physics, wave-based and very high voltage dynamic cutting technology to significantly improve the operation of the tool.