About Exo-Field

We are Working Boldly to Solve the Huge Energy and Infrastructure Challenge India and the World Faces

Exo-Field Engineering Solutions is a Bootstrapped Start-up that has Built Many Ground-Breaking US Patented Inventions & Products in the Energy & Engineering Arena!

Exo-Field Engineering Solutions is a company dedicated to providing niche Engineering Solutions encompassing Product Building, High-Tech and Core Services spanning Software, Mechanical, Electronics, Petroleum, Civil and other Engineering fields.

We Follow a simple rule- build Inventions and Products that do not exist and have great need and value for our Country and the World at Large!

The Founder of the company, Tushar Chowhan has diverse expertise setting up R&D organizations and inventing multiple ground breaking products.

Our Team

The Founder and Managing Director of the company is Tushar Chowhan & Earlier, as Director, he Set-up and Led one of the most Advanced Multi-Branch Engineering R&D and Manufacturing in our Continental Region for a Global Leading Oil and Gas MNC-Company from Grounds- Up with onboarding up to a Thousand Intellectual Engineering Resource(s)

Earlier, He helped Build Software, Mechanical, and Electronic Systems, Managed, Optimized, and Increased Production for 400,000 Global Oil and Gas Wells ( Thirty percent of Global Production) Globally, and also Set up a Control Room for Managing and Guiding 120+ Worldwide Oil and Gas Rigs and also worked extensively in Inventing and Building Deep below-the-Earth Drilling Tool Technology!

He is an Entrepreneur, Leader, Inventor, Motivator, and Global Leading Multi-Disciplinary Product Builder. He has also been awarded Multiple US patents to his Credit

Mr. H.L . Chowhan is the Second Director for Exo-Field and earlier as “General Manager for Tata Electric Companies” he is credited for setting up the “First Combined Cycle Power Plant in the Country”

Advisors for Exo-Field Include Leaders with Extensive Leadership Portfolios managing large size organizations and a “CMM Level V Quality Auditor”Exo-Field’s Team members include - Program Manager(s), Finance Controller, and Leads who have rich years with Multinational Organizations and niche experience in their respective fields

Team has experience in leading and running large-size organizations with a strong resource pool available and through referral

Our execution team members possess a right combination of core engineering expertise coupled with strong software development skills evolved over decades. This is also well balanced by skills in building real time and complex engineering software applications to designing robust mechanical, electronics, and artificial intelligence Industry 4.0 driven solutions.


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